For nearly five decades, Caroline Crane has thrilled her fans with stories of ordinary lives gone awry.  A member of Mystery Writers of America and Romance Writers of America, Caroline has seen her novels of suspense published in both American and overseas editions, and many have appeared as book club selections. Her novel Summer Girl was produced as a made-for-TV movie. Caroline is still writing. For her latest books, see below or click the Booklist button.

From Fire and Ice Publishers

Just out, Under Cover, a new young adult mystery A senseless murder. A teenager accused. The body was found in his car. Liam insists hes innocent. Of course. They all do. Cree wants nothing to do with any of it. Her mind is on Ben Canfield, the love of her life, who seems to be drifting away. Then she overhears a gang threatening Liam. He might really be innocent..

And don't miss its recent predecessor, The Long Sleep, the second in The Revengers series in which Maddie offers her friend, Hank Dalbeck, a ride home. As soon as they get in her car, someone fires a shot through the windshield Also the first in this young adult series,Twenty Minutes Late, in which Cree arrives late for her babysitting job to find the mother and baby missing, the five-year-old alone and groggy.

From The History Press

Caroline has also published the nonfiction work Murder and Mayhem in the Catskills, the dark side of Catskill history.

And check out her blog, "No Justice for Aspies," at This blog serves a dual purpose, discussing both Asperger's syndrome and the novel, Twenty Minutes Late, inspired by what happened to her son, who had the disorder.

Caroline Crane's Earlier Novels, Origionally Published by Dodd, Mead . . .

Are now available through print-on-demand technology. By special arrangement, many of Caroline's previous novels can now be obtained in trade paperback editions. For a list of these titles, click the Booklist button or here.

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